Faith Kibathi On Reuniting with Lenana Kariba for Single Kiasi S3

Single Kiasi star Faith Kibathi is not new to the Kenyan film scene. Her portrayal of Rebbeca in Showmax original Single Kiasi has earned her many fans. Most recently, Kibathi got a Kalasha nomination in the Best Lead Actress category. Being a first nominee Faith states, “Single Kiasi has stretched my acting skills, and being recognised for my role is quite humbling.”

With Single Kiasi season three back on the screens fans can only expect things to go a notch higher as the series continues to explore the intricacies of the Nairobi dating scene. When Lenana Kariba made his debut as the charismatic Nick, enchanting Faith Kibathi’s Rebecca in the first season of Single Kiasi, fans on X couldn’t help but be swept away by their romance. That was until Nick revealed his true nature. This prompted Rebecca to reconsider whether dating a mysterious celebrity was truly the epitome of adventure.

As the highly anticipated Season 3 of Single Kiasi unfolds, Nick’s return to Rebecca’s life sparks intrigue among fans. While some root for the rekindling of their romance, Kibathi remains steadfast in her belief that Rebecca deserves better. “Absolutely not; Rebecca should not give him a chance,” asserts Kibathi. “Always believe them the first time. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Faith Kibathi on working With Lenana Kariba

Despite this Faith still acknowledges the chemistry, “Lenana and I have a wonderful working chemistry on- and off-screen,” Kibathi reveals. “The minute I realized he was coming back for Season 3, I got excited because there is always drama with Rebecca and Nick.” The return of Lenana Kariba as Nick in Season 3 promises to reignite the sparks of drama and passion that define Rebecca and Nick’s tumultuous relationship.

Kibathi further opens up about her experiences working on Single Kiasi. From the overwhelming support from fans to the impact of her character on real-life issues. She shares anecdotes of being recognized as Rebecca, even in her hometown of Nakuru, and the profound connections fans have forged with the show’s narrative.

Beyond her role in “Single Kiasi,” Kibathi extends her support to her co-stars’ endeavors, including Minne Kariuki’s appearance on “The Real Housewives of Nairobi.” Kibathi praises Kariuki’s authenticity and entertainment value on the show, highlighting the camaraderie shared among the cast members.

Single Kiasi S3 received four nominations in the recently announced Kalasha Awards. The show is now streaming with new episodes releasing every Tuesday, fans can catch it exclusively on Showmax.

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