Ezekiel Mutua Raises Concern Over Embaramba’s Sanity

KFCB boss and moral cop Ezekiel Mutua has raised the alarm over controversial Kisii artist Embaramba’s state of mental health.

Embaramba has been making rounds on social media for his wild dancing antiques that have raised a lot of eyebrows.

KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua raises concern over Embarambamba's crazy dance moves - Sharon Madonna!

Taking to his twitter handle, Mutua expressed his concern over Embaramba’s sanity saying he could be a danger to himself.

“I have a feeling that Embarambara is a danger to himself and that his fans could be cheering him to self-destruction. Is this style sustainable? Is it even sane? Unless he’s superhuman, this guy will hurt himself. Someone, please stop him,” pleaded Mutua.

While his concerns may be legitimate, Embaramba continues to do what he does well and somehow netizens can’t get enough of the entertainment.

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