Artist Spotlight: Eyes on Maluda As He Makes A Powerful Comeback

Rapper Maluda is an award-winning Gospel Artist from Kenya. His impressive discography boasts of hits such as Have Mercy, Niko Kwa Mtaa, Glory to The King, Nishampata, and his 2016 Groove Award-winning hit Easy featuring Juliani to mention a few.

Born and raised in Jericho Estate Nairobi, Maluda debuted professional music as a member of the Gospel rap group Eternal MCs. Jericho estate has a reputation for gang culture and drug abuse. However, this did not deter Maluda from pursuing his true passion – music. Despite many of his peers opting to partake in criminal activities, Maluda chose to be a rapper who takes pride in using his lyrical flow to spread the word of God.


Throughout his career, the Easy hitmaker has grown to be a fan favorite among Kenyan Gospel Hip Hop lovers and beyond. Maluda has collaborated with Hip Hop heavyweights such as Khaligraph Jones, Kayvo K Force, and Juliani.


Uwezo Release

His most recent release is a powerful comeback tune Uwezo in which he features Wakadinali member Scar. Released last week, Uwezo is a vulnerable prayer to God easily relatable by everyone relying on his power and favor in life.

Speaking on this release, Maluda notes that the song was inspired by personal events in his life. “I wrote my song Uwezo when I had COVID. The song is two years old. I was bedridden I thought I’d die, all I could ask was for strength, that’s why the song is called Uwezo.” He said.

Maluda’s comeback from his 2-year hiatus sets the pace for his future releases. His feature in the popular Sondeka Part 3 by Naiboi was his last appearance before Uwezo and Maluda is super excited to be back on the scene. Currently, he is working on several projects, including an EP and an album.

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