Exercise Should Be Regarded As Tribute To The Heart: Frankie Is Back With “Ugly Truth 04”

Fitness, nutritionist and lifestyle consultant Frankie Kiarie popularly known as Frankie is back with the Ugly Truth series.

The fourth edition of the Ugly Truth, in partnership with Philips Kenya and Kenya Red Cross, is a Work the Beat campaign, aimed at raising awareness on cardiovascular health.

Exercise Should Be Regarded As Tribute To The Heart

In the Fourth edition of Ugly Truth, Frankie posted;

“We rarely take care of our hearts until it’s too late. A healthy heart is central to overall good health.”

He continues, “Embracing a healthy lifestyle at any age can prevent heart disease and lower risk for a heart attack or stroke.

You never too old or too young to begin taking care of your heart.”

Frankie is the lead Influencer of Work The Beat Campaign by Philips Kenya

Frankie Announced he is the lead Influencer in Work The Beat Campaign.

“Work The Beat Campaign by Philips Kenya has launched and I am excited to announce that I will be leading this campaign in spreading awareness about keeping your heart healthy.”

He added, “The goal is to raise over 11,000 Kms in two weekends!

Starting this Friday you can join Frankie, participating in physical activities including running, jogging, swimming, walking and sharing the Kilometres on a Whatsapp group.

By participating you stand a chance to secure a Headstart Automated External Defibrillator for an NGO.

Ugly Truth

Ugly Truth began as a campaign to raise awareness of Frankie’s Health and fitness business.

The campaign has highlighted abdominal obesity, weightloss, Nutrition and now cardiovascular health.