Exclusive Vibe: Vicmass Speaks On Where Young Artists Go Wrong, Octopizzo Making A Classic 

Luo rapper Vicmass Luodollar has been in the music business for more than a decade now, and unlike other artists who just go with the flow in their careers, Vicmass puts a lot of effort in studying the industry and monitoring his growth as an artist.

From this, he has mined one or two secrets that younger artists can borrow and see solid success come their way in return. The path to success according to Vicmass, needs patience. And for a guy who rose from just a mere hawker to an established brand, upcoming artists shouldn’t take his words lightly.

 “What young artist do wrong when starting is they don’t want to taste the process, ” Vicmass told KenyanVibe in an exclusive interview.

“They want to hit studio and become famous instantly. Nobody wants to be told, ‘hold on, you need to record at least 15 songs then choose three out of 15 to release’. Nobody wants to be told stop focusing on radio and TV and start building your fan base from social media platforms.” 

Vicmass blew up after working with Octopizzo –his mentor– on “Bank Otuch” remix in 2016. Like many people who only see the tip of the iceberg, most ignored that he had a total of  50 recorded songs by then.

His portfolio was deep enough to bring Octopizzo on board.

Every talented upcoming artist who has potential and is disciplined need to be given chances to showcase his talent to the mass,” he said.

“But discipline comes with being patient and allowing changes to take place.” 

With now an album on the way, Vicmass also took time to reflect on his mentor’s which has just dropped. Octopizzo has released “Next Year”, his fourth project which is available via iTunes.

Octopizzo took a leap and enlisted highly respected international producer Chris Athens who masters for top artists such as Jay Z, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, DJ Khalid just to name a few to work with on the album.

Vicmass believes it’s a classic. And not many African artists, not just Kenyan, can match that.

“It is a masterpiece,” said Vimcass whose album is currently being produced by a Malawian called Major Static and is just four songs away from completion.

“It’s Something you won’t hear from 3/4 of the albums released this year among African rappers starting with M.I and Cassper Nyovest (last year).” 

He added:

“The post production of the entire Audio album is super dope. I rate it near 4:44 by JAY Z (live instrument).”


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