EXCLUSIVE: Khaligraph Jones Talks Latest Jam – ‘Juu Ya Ngori’

It’s been a minute since the self-acclaimed O.G Khalighraph Jones dropped some new music. The multi-talented Kayole 1960 rapper has been about a new record on his social media and it is finally out.

Juu Ya Ngori is the title of the Trap jam that has a banging bassline filled with his diverse rap personas. interestingly, Khalighraph delivers the entire jam in Sheng and some lines need a replay as he goes deep into the hood talk. True to his braggadocio persona, he stamps his authority why he is the top act in the city and further states his competition level is with Sarkodie.

The jam is an easy listen with some clever bars, interesting video, and beautiful beat. We had to ask Khali a few questions about the jam just to clear the air and he had this to say.

K.V: What state of mind were you in while recording Juu Ya Ngori?

Khaligraph: I was looking at it from a performance aspect, the kind of reception I’d anticipate from a live crowd while on stage. They love commercial trap such as Omollo or Mazishi and can easily sing along to the hook.

K.V: Anyone you are addressing on this specific record?

Khaligraph: I’m not addressing anybody but whoever the shoe fits, let them wear it. Its rap at the end of the day, I dropped my lines with no specific target. I had fun while at it flexing my lyrical ability and that is it.

K.V: With the rise of hood Sheng and jams, are addressing anyone/something?

Khaligraph: This jam is all about giving the fans something to jam to. I recently released an album and it didn’t feature this kind of sound. I was stamping my presence as far as trap, anthem, and bangers go. I love to switch between English and Sheng while rapping and this is not something out of the norm.


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