Exclusive: Khaligraph Jones Speaks Of New Jam With Petra

26 February of 2018 by

Khaligraph Jones is still out here putting in the work to his craft and he just released a banger lyrical fire for February. In the recent past, we have been entertained by his trap style but on the new record ‘Rider’ he’s done switched up and brought out his fast rhyme scheme. He features Petra on the jam and she surely did rise to the occasion on this, though Petra has never been average.

We spoke to Khaligraph about the Jam and working with Petra and here is what he had to say.

K.V: Congrats on the new jam, you go in hard, does that mean trap has taken a back seat?

Khaligraph:  No I’m not taking a break. I make music depending on the mood I’m in. On this specific jam, that’s how I felt. Mind you, I have a couple of trap jams in the can, so no breaks at all.

K.V: Your lyrical prowess shows up on this, what makes you want to go that hard?

Khaligraph: Well, this is me on a regular day. I go hard on all tracks and I give all my music my best. Whatever track, I deliver in the OG style I’m known for.

K.V: Petra is not new in the industry, but she has not released as much material. What was your thinking process as you sought her out for the collabo?

Khaligraph: Well, I’ve known Petra for a long time and I am a firm believer of Petra as the rapper. The idea was to get her on a bigger platform. You may not realize, she has been releasing tracks recently check her Youtube. Right now is different as she is working with the OG. I really want her to blow up. I am recruiting a team of elite rappers and musician into my clique and Petra is talented, she has the potential so why not.

K.V:  Describe working with Petra.

Khaligraph: It was an incredible experience, Petra is very talented, and I like pushing people to their limits and that’s exactly what I did on this song.

K.V: Elaborate more on the Video concept. I saw you eating raw meat. Is Khali a cannibal now?

Khaligraph: Yeah I have been a cannibal bruh! I’m always pushing the bar, doing things not many people can do. Just the other day we had the casket situations and now this. Its just a matter of being artistic with my video concepts, I strive to be different and my videos will never be the same. So cannibal yeah.

K.V: Any more projects on the way?

Khaligraph: Hell yeah! Hopefully, we get into a proper deal with Petra, I was thinking of taking her under my wing and expose her to my fanbase. We have more tracks to release because we recorded tracks in 2012 – over 4 tracks. This is one of the official releases. We have plans to work even more and I want to manage Petra because I believe in her.

If you thought Khali was sleeping, he promises to keep you on your toes with the catalog he has ready for the world.


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