Exclusive: Khaligraph Jones Gets Candid On His Latest Album, Invisible Currency

Khaligraph Jones’ new album Invisible Currency is a work of art. At barely a week old, Invisible Currency has already broken records by achieving over 1M streams. Speaking at the exclusive listening party, Khaligraph noted that the versatility, vulnerability, and talent showcased in this 17-track project are a testament to his growth as both a rapper and individual.

Invisible Currency tapped into the music production genius of rising Kenyan producers Vince on The Beat, Ares 66, and Wuod Omollo. In it, a diverse array of artists are featured. They include Prince Indah, Xenia Manasseh, Mejja, Scar Mkadinali, Blackway, Adasa, Kev the Topic, Ali Kiba, Rudeboy, and DAX. KenyanVibe caught up with Khaligraph to get an exclusive peek into the OG’s journey to making the Invisible Currency album.

Khaligraph Jones

Congratulations on dropping your sophomore album Invisible Currency. Which song in this album did you enjoy making the most?

Khali Chronicles. I did that track to elaborate everything…… I am talking about my journey in music, from where it started up where I am at right now. So, I feel like that is one of the songs I’d say stood out for me. That track is my personal favorite.

Invisible Currency is a project in which you went a little soft. Compared to your previous projects it showcases your vulnerable side a little more. How was it recording and showcasing this other side of yourself?

Actually, when I was making the Maombi ya Mama song, that had everybody who was listening to the song in their feelings. People were literally crying in the studio. But then again sometimes, we have to do these things to show fans that I am also a human being. That is why in that song I talk about things that I have never addressed before. We are all humans and we all get into painful, mad, sad, and crazy situations too.

You have achieved a lot in your career. From amazing albums to businesses such as Galactic Gadgets, to even being a force in the music scene. Most of your fans are used to your distinctive hard core rap OG vibes. Some are probably trying to get around the vulnerability of this project. What would you say to such fans?

OG vibes will always be there because OG is OG. That will never fade away. It is why I am where I am today. We are living in tough times and it is expected that we have very tough skin. However, sometimes we need to exhibit growth and that is what this album is doing. I want to show people that aside from OG Khaligraph Jones, I also have a different side where matters pertaining to life fly…. you know? So that’s that.

Invisible Currency is very versatile and that is even evident in the artists that you featured in the project. Tell us more about the criteria that you used in picking these collaborators.

Vibes and energy. I chose them because we had matching energies. There are a lot of big people in the scene. But when you sit down to converse with them, you still feel like something is off because you guys are not in the same mindset. So for me, vibes are very important.

What target audience did you have in mind when working on this album?

Unlike the first album, right now I have a lot of people who are looking at Khaligraph Jones from a regional level, from a continental level, etc. I get the most reactions to my videos, more than any other East African artist anytime I put out a project. Check out Hiroshima and Wavy reactions and you will see several reactions from people of different countries the USA, Egypt… countries that you can’t even imagine. So when I was making Invisible Currency, I had everyone in mind. I decided to make songs that will appeal to all people irrespective of where they come from. This album was created to be easily decoded and understood by everyone. In essence, it was created for everybody.

What can fans expect after this release?

I have shot 10 music videos of the songs in Invisible Currency. So far only one has been released. Some of the videos were shot in 2020 and I am yet to put them out. So I have a bunch of videos to put out.

Are there any upcoming collaborations or features that fans can expect?

There are a couple of artists who have featured me in their albums. One of the recent projects is a single with Sanaipei Tande. We actually did the video the other day. I have also worked with Yung Koded, a young talented Kenyan rapper based in the US. I have worked with many people, and I am always open to working with people. Because like I said, it’s always about the vibes. If we vibe, I won’t even charge you for nothing, we are just going to make songs. Lastly on my side, I am going to push the album with all the singles that I have done.

Stream the album here.

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