Exciting New Brunch Menu From Pan Asian Yao In Gigiri

My first visit to Pan Asian Yao was such a beautifully refreshing experience – a huge dollop of culture, a great scenic vibe and a lot of food that just tasted really good.

It’s located at what used to be known as The Emerald Garden, along UN Avenue in Gigiri, and has really turned into a force during jour for those in search of great ambience and a really interesting culinary journey through Asian cuisine.

Pan Asian Yao has just launched a new brunch menu that I was delighted to attend, this past Sunday. Brunch being a very long and leisurely opportunity to take in starters, main courses, desserts and cocktails or wine over the course of four or five hours on a Sunday.

I brought along a friend, ensured my belly stayed hungry through the morning and dived straight into…the cocktail section!

Seeing as this was the first Brunch that was being held, the restaurant seating was primarily indoors, but a good solid crowd, proving the popularity of the restaurant outside of this new Sunday offering.

And it was different. A lot of sushi and general seafood as would be expected given the Pan Asian inspiration. But also duck, turkey, fried rice and noodles – making it a step above some of the typical deli like stations at various other Sunday Brunches across Nairobi.

I’m not a huge fan of prawns or shrimp, but according to my guest, one of the highlights of her plate were the dim sum – a style of cuisine prepared as small bit size portions of food in steamer baskets: in particular, Crystal loved the crystal skin prawn dim sum – pink flesh visible through the transparency of the wrapper. And very tough to find locally, unless you prepare it yourself.

A maxed out dessert table full of marshmallows, chocolate, cake and ice cream made us revert to our six year old selves. Which was fitting because at the end of such a luxurious meal, all we wanted to do was go home and nap!

The Pan Asian Yao brunch will set you back 2,200 shillings or 3,000 shillings inclusive of cocktails and wine.

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