Everything You Need To Know About Coke Studio Africa 2019

After a successful edition in the year 2017, Coke Studio Africa is back. The entity that is a non-competitive music collaboration is set to kick off its new season in February 2019. The show that will air across Africa has more than 25 talented artists, over 10 original compositions and a unique Coke Studio Africa Christmas playlist.

Some of the artist to feature in the upcoming season include Winky D from Zimbabwe, Messias from Mozambique, Mahlet (Ethiopia), Wasafi music producer, Lizer Alvin Kizz (Uganda), “2 in 1” hitmaker (Naiboi) and also not forgetting our very own Papa Jones and the BET award-winner Ravynavvy from Tanzania gracing the edition for a second time.

Coke Studio that directly partners with PACE Africa, Yallo and Home 254 is assuring the audience high quality through the coke studio branded headphones provided by pace and other branded fashionable material from the latter sponsors.

Monali Shah, Head of Content Excellence, for Coca-Cola Southern and East Africa Business Unit, stated, “As a company, we’re overly excited to be back for yet another captivating season of Coke Studio Africa. With the program, we continue to set pace in the industry by using music to connect with our consumers, who are big enthusiasts of it. The program continues to create business opportunities for hundreds of people in the industry, across the continent, working on the various components of this production.”

Below are images from the launch event: