Everything To Know About Sauti Sol’s New Album

One of the most anticipated albums in Kenya over the last two years has been Sauti Sol’s Sixth Studio Album.

In an open letter to fans back in October 2021, the group first announced they will be releasing the next Sauti Sol group album in May 2022 after a complete rollout and performances of their individual projects dubbed “Alone-Together”.

Speaking to DJ Edu on BBC’s This is Africa, Bien said the “Alone-Together” project all under the group’s label Sol Generation was meant to re-introduce the four group members as they usher in their sixth studio album.

“We are pushing out four very unique projects that are going to give our fans a taste of who we are as individuals as we go into the next phase.”

“We are going to have an album in May.” Added Bien.

The band however did not release their new joint project in May of 2022, continuing to release individual projects till late last year when the lead vocalist Bien released his hit single inauma.

In what could be a single off their next album, the group came back together to produce their first project as a group in over two years, Lil Mama.

Sauti Sol Teases New Album.

In the latest update on their Sixth studio album, Sauti Sauti Sol teased on Twitter,

“New Year, New Album.”

“Expect Sauti Sol on Steroids” Savara on Sauti Sol’s Next Album

Speaking to DJ Edu back in April on what we can expect from the Album, Savara said…

“Expect Sauti Sol on steroids.

What we are venturing into even as individuals is just to polish ourselves, come back and put more on the table.

We are gonna have more of good musicianship and more maturity in terms of the sound,”

Savara added, “Expect acoustic songs, original Sauti Sol sounds are gonna be there, just guitar and vocals.”

“Expect nothing short of the best, I want our fans to have pure bliss.” Commented Bien in what fans should expect from Sauti Sol’s studio Album.