Everything That ‘Disconnect’ Taught Us About Relationships

If there’s one thing most of us can agree on when it comes to love, is that it’s a complex, confusing and often strange thing that can lead us down paths we never expected. Be it love for your family, friends, or significant other, this thing called LOVE is hard.

Romantic comedy DISCONNECT: The Wedding Planner, shares love lessons that we may have or have not missed out on.

Sometimes it’s okay to forgive and forget.
I know this is a well-worn cliche – one which is easier said than done. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what happened was ok. It may seem challenging and it may not mend the relationship immediately, but it’s a great start. Perhaps one of the most pitiful reminders came when we saw Celina and Richie… sorry! Celine and Richard overcome infidelity from both parties. A Lot of therapy was done and Love won in the end. Although am kind of conflicted if we should forgive Judy.

Friends are the great loves of our lives
Let’s all forget about this obsession about finding the one. To be honest, there isn’t such a thing! Friendships are the greatest love stories in our lives. Sure, lovers and children are great but friends take the cup. When Otis/Otieno was having a nervous breakdown, TK consoled him. Assured him that he was winning in life because he had friends who were there for him when he needed them the most.

Fake friends will always stab you in the back

Most of us choose to ignore or don’t even notice the red flags when it comes to friendships. Khalids and Otis’ relationship was just wrong from the get go. Khalid made backhanded compliments, had quiet judgments and disapproving looks always toward Otis. If you didn’t know, fake friends stab you then pretend they are the ones bleeding. And again, we are not going to touch on Judy!

Looks aren’t everything neither will sex keep your man
In the famous words of Otis “I don’t do RELATIONSHIPS,” and that’s that. If a man isn’t ready to commit to you, he will not. No matter how beautiful you are or great of a gymnast you are in bed, nothing will keep him there if he doesn’t want to be kept by you.

Dating is exhausting
These streets will show you things, let alone character develop you. That’s all I am saying!

Having a one-night stand with a lazy ovary and one ball? You can still get pregnant. Hey Judy!

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have

Work on yourself. Love yourself first before you can spill it onto others. The relationship you have with yourself is critical because it is the foundation for all your other relationships in life. You must have self-confidence and the ability to lead yourself. When Otis finally acknowledged his worth and worked on his self-confidence, he was then capable of pursuing a relationship with TK.

Everyone’s happy ending looks different
All the cast members wanted different things out of life and love. Robin got her children. Khalid got his start-up funded and a new girl. Celine got engaged and had a child after dating Richard for 4 years and Tk continues to be the boss babe that she is. And Otis finally goes for the girl he loves.