Pop-Up Events! Planning Your Own

In case you missed it, Artcaffe Grande, Westgate Mall hosted a Pop-Up Fashion X Art event from Tuesday through Friday last week. Artcaffe will also be the sole vendor for the pop-up picnic event “Diner en Blanc” happening on 26th November.


Pop-Up Fashion X Art Event


Are you now wondering what pop-up events are? Pop-Up events are not something new. These events have been around for quite some time, in fact, as far back as 1997. According to the Oxford dictionary, to ‘pop-up’ means to appear or occur suddenly. In this regard, the dictionary is not far off. Pop-up events are in essence events that appear unplanned or spontaneous that occur for a short period of time, longer or occasionally, depending on popularity. However, do not be fooled by the words spontaneous, or unplanned, because regardless of semantics, a lot of planning goes into creating these events.

According to the eventmanagerblog.com, “Pop-up events are a powerful combination of expected and unexpected. You have to draw a crowd and yet keep it under wraps until the day of the event. You need to make it appear serendipitous, yet plan as seriously as you would a traditional meeting.” Read more at http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/the-rise-of-pop-up-events#0X5P6qBfHYs9bJCK.99

Even though it might seem like an impossible task to keep a pop-up event secret, there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of pop-up events.

  1. Pop-up events have the power to create brand awareness.
  1. Pop-ups offer the opportunity to impress new customers.
  1. Pop-ups help generate buzz for new products, services, e
  1. Pop-ups provide a great avenue/way to test new products.


So, how does one go about setting up a pop-up event?

  1. Planning

Every successful event begins at the planning stage. Think of this stage as creating a sequence of steps to achieve a goal. You will need to find inspiration and to be creative.



  1. Set Specific Goals

Every event needs to be founded in specific goals. The best way to do this is to ask yourself, “what do I aim to achieve with this event?” Your answer could be anything from “growing your following”, to “breaking even”, but these answers will help you decide how to design and price your event.


  1. Figure out what your pop-up is

A pop-up could be anything from a shop, a dining experience, a performance to a cinema viewing. Deciding on your pop-up format all depends on what you intend to achieve with the event.


Pop-Up Fashion X Art event

  1. Set a budget

Budgets are the cornerstone of any event. A budget ensures that you have enough money to spend on the most important aspects of the event and prevent you from spending money on things you do not really need.


Pie chart on a stock chart with a budget



  1. Decide on a theme

Once you’ve figured out your goals, budget, and format, you can start organizing your event around a theme. Again, this will all be based on the goal you want to achieve.



Nzula is a PR Consultant, Freelance Writer and Editor. She is also a pop culture and entertainment enthusiast whose interest in movies, music and TV is unrivalled, or so she says. :-)