Ethic Entertainment To Make A Comeback After Rekles’ Exit

Gengetone pioneering quartet Ethic Entertainment has announced the departure of one of its founding members, Rekles. This moment marks a juncture in the trajectory of the group that redefined the Kenyan sonic landscape with hits such as “Daktari,” and “Position.”

Ethic Entertainment
Ethic Entertainment

From their modest origins in Umoja Estate, Ethic Entertainment emerged as a radiant beacon of ingenuity, authenticity, and realized aspirations. Comprising Swat, Zilla, Seska, and Rekles, the ensemble ushered in the distinctive Gengetone genre with their breakthrough hit “Lamba Lolo.” A song crafted with nothing more than a mobile phone as their creative tool.

Their musical journey wasn’t confined to a singular flash of brilliance. Rather, it was a continuous stream of hits that gave birth to the unmistakable Kenyan sound now universally called “Gengetone.” Ethic Entertainment’s daring and innovative approach not only firmly entrenched its position on global music charts but also ignited the aspirations of countless budding artists.

Each of the members brought a unique rap style to the music, further solidifying their chemistry during their successful run. Rekles, with his unparalleled barz and unyielding dedication, played a pivotal role in propelling Ethic Entertainment to its prominence.

Despite Rekles’ departure, the group is steadfast in its commitment to continue its journey and uphold its legacy. The show goes on and the remaining trio have confirmed that they will be releasing a new song dubbed Kunoma in a statement shared on their social media pages. Set to prove their commitment to the Gengetone genre, Ethic Entertainment hopes to make a powerful comeback with this tune. It is available for pre-save.

Ethic Entertainment

As the curtain falls on Rekles’ chapter with Ethic Entertainment, the group’s members expressed profound gratitude for his lasting influence on their shared odyssey. The melodies they co-crafted will forever resonate with enthusiasts.

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