Essential Guide to Buying your Beauty and Grooming Supplies Online

Sticking to your skincare routine or starting one is a wise move as we continue to social distance and avoid unnecessary movement. Luckily there are a number of online brands and delivery apps that have been lifesavers over the last two weeks. In fact, deliveries and online shopping is bound to be even more common when life goes back to normal.

Your skin, hair and nails don’t have to be neglected just because you have nowhere to go. The extra time on our hands can go towards forming healthy habits, and one of them should be having a beauty routine.

Some clever items you can add to your skincare right now include masks, body scrubs, moisturisers.

Although you may be chilling indoors without makeup it’s a great time to practise, whether you are a beginner or more advanced in perfecting your skills.

Depending on your last salon visit, explore styling and maintenance options for your hair. Wig shopping? Browse and shop online! For those blessed with the ability to braid their own hair; you can do this while catching up with some Netflix or your fave YouTubers.

Nail care essentials include nail polish remover, acetone and nail cream. You could stock up on normal polish or even gel polish (if you can get your hands on the UV machine).

It may also be a good time to research and start taking supplements and vitamins. Stores like My Dawa and Kasha also sell sanitary essentials like tampons, pads and deodorants.

Remember: Before buying a product online you have to research it and see if it aligns with the needs of your skin.

The other great advantage to stocking up now is you have time to look for stores that offer products at competitive prices. A number of local brands carry a wide range of products for your hair and skin and can deliver to your doorstep.

Here are some online shops to scroll through as you maintain your beauty routines or plan ahead.

  • Aritaum Glow

  • Aker Benji Cosmetics

  • Bandari Beauty

  • Beauty Hub

  • Beauty Bar Kenya

  • Beauty Click

  • My Dawa

  • Kasha

  • Vib Pop

  • Luguah Naturals

  • Jumia Kenya

  • Seraphic Skin

Stay healthy and beautiful!!

Cover image: Maureen Bandari

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