Erykah Badu To Explore Nairobi and Its Music Scene

American singer, record producer, actress and activist Erica Abi Wright, who performs as Erykah Badu, recently visited Kenya for a secretive photo-shoot with what is thought to be one of the top black American magazines. Wright allegedly left for the U.S. yesterday, but sources close to the multiverse artist say that she might be back shortly.

A close source told The Star that 44-year-old Wright – who flew in from Zanzibar Monday – has met with several local artists, “maybe in an effort to formulate ideas of how they can work together.” Who these local artist might be, remains unknown.

“She has also heard about Coke Studio and she wanted to check it out too,” the source said. “She is so much into music and she loves African music.”

The source added that circulating rumors say that the multiple-award winning artist might “also show up as a DJ at a hip-hop event in Nairobi.” Last time Wright visited Kenya was in 2012 for her first-ever East African show at the Carnivora Grounds in Nairobi. If the rumors are true, we’d be happy to have her back.

So keep your eyes and ears open. We sure will. In the meantime, check out Wright’s “Ode to Hip-Hop:”

Originally from Sweden, Chris is a journalist with an extensive interest for African culture and the arts.