Eric Omondi Wants Kenyan Creatives To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zones

Comedian Eric Omondi has urged fellow entertainers and creatives to avoid falling into the comfort pit and always strive to push their art beyond limits.

Omondi, who has been behind several eye-catching advertisements and online shows, said that Kenyan entertainers have relaxed and nowadays just churn average content.

He believes this is one of the reasons why entertainment in Kenya has slowed down in the last few years.

“I don’t recognize any of them, even artistes, they are boring and doing the same thing,” said Eric during the season finale of his show Wife Material at held at Moran Lounge.

Omondi went to say that he, however, respects what fellow comedian Terence Creatives is doing. Other than him, very few entertainers have impressed him.

“The only person I respect in East Africa is Diamond and in Kenya currently is Terence Creative. The rest ni kulala and saying Kenyans don’t support their own. What are they supposed to support yet you are giving them dry content?” he said.

The comedian also urged entertainers to stop fearing reinvesting in their craft. Omondi believes one of the reasons why his brand has grown so big is because he always ploughs back.

He used his recent project Wife Material Season 3 as an example saying he didn’t wait for sponsors. He used a total of Ksh 8 million to work on the project.

“I would spend even more coz I make more from that. Which Kenyan entertainer would spend that much? They don’t have money since they do not want to spend,” he said.

Eric allegedly paid Butita Sh3.5 million to script the show and used the rest in production and promotion.

It’s not the first time the top comedian has urged fellow entertainers to push harder and become more controversial. Early this year, the comedian requested Kenyan artists to mirror fellow Tanzanians who are controversial yet release quality music.

“What Harmonize and Rayvanny are doing is showbiz. Kenyan artists should wake up,” he said.

“These two are using a created beef to promote their new songs, yet our artists here are sleeping and boring. Yaani, everyone is talking about Tanzanian artists. They are earning millions from those kinds of beef. Stop being boring; entertainment is not all about singing. We know Rayvanny and Harmonize can sing, but they are now being diverse. They are adding flavour to their songs. That is where entertainment is failing.”

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