Eric Omondi Splashes 400k On Distressed Balenciaga Shoes

Self-imposed King of comedy Eric Omondi has spent four hundred Kenyan shillings buying the new Balenciaga shoes making rounds online.

I spent Sh 400K on torn Balenciaga shoes - Eric Omondi

The shoes have been making rounds online since they were released a day ago because of the tattered way they look and the outrageous price set for them.

Balenciaga describes the destroyed sneakers as a “retooled classic design,” which is finished with “distressed canvas and rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look.”

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Eric flaunted his pair in a box online for all the world to see.

Speaking to a local media house earlier, the comedian divulged all the details pertaining to his questionable new purchase.

“I’ve just shown people one pair only. I bought those ones at 213 thousand shillings. I have the grey ones as well… yes I bought two pairs. I just spent over 400k on shoes. I bought them because they’re unique, artistic and creative, such an amazing statement piece, hakuna viatu zingine kama hizo. Kwanza these ones I’ll wear them everywhere, you’ll never see me without them. I do not think I will be wearing any other pair in a long time,” he said.

Omondi also reaffirmed that it was a 400,000 well spent.

“I do not feel like I wasted money. In all the years I’ve been alive how many pairs of shoes have I worn? Some people buy cars others houses, I bought shoes. Once in a while mtu anajitreat,” he replied.

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Some netizens were quick to call his stunt fake as the show box he posted was old but Eric was quick to shutdown those rumors.

“To those claiming the box is old, have you seen the shoes themselves? The packaging is a statement as well. Kwanza the box of the other pair looks older. It is the whole idea, inakuja na box inakaa imechapa” he said.

According to Balenciaga, only 100 pairs of “extra destroyed” sneakers will be available to buy, and Classic 105 presenter is among those who have claimed to have ordered his as well.

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