Eric Omondi Not Planning To Join Politics: I Was Created To Entertain

Comedian Eric Omondi isn’t planning to make a career change any time soon given how entertainers have switched sides and joined politics recently.

At least 20 top entertainers are expected to via for different elective seats in August General Elections. Omondi, who is supporting a majority of them, however, said that people shouldn’t expect him to cross borders to join them later in his career.

“Never ever in my life will I join politics,” said the comedian.

“If I go to parliament…who will entertain you outside here? God made musicians, comedians, politicians, doctors…. he knows why he did that. Eric Omondi is an entertainer… it is like asking Raila to get into comedy.”

The comedian further said that he not only wants to see his friends Jalangó and Jaguar win but will also ensure they perform their duties once elected.

“I don’t see myself in politics but I am going to support my friends Jaguar, Jalang’o. I have given them an ultimatum, I will support them, and when they start joking…I will ensure they leave parliament before 5 years.”

More than 18 entertainers have confirmed that they’ll be on the ballot papers this year, making it the highest number of celebs running for seats in Kenya’s history.

Some of the entertainers who have switched to politics include: Njambi Koikai, Jalas, Prezzo, Doreen Chege, Jaguar, Rufftone, Professor Hamo, Alex Mwakideu, Mc Jessy, D.N.G among others.

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