Eric Omondi Leads Fiery Protest Against Finance Bill

Things got heated outside Parliament buildings on Tuesday as comedian Eric Omondi, ever the activist, was arrested as he led a protest against the Finance Bill, 2024.

Omondi wasn’t alone – a whole crew of about 200 women, protesting under the banner “Mama Mboga Revolution,” joined him, picketing with signs and chanting against the bill.

However, their protest was abruptly halted when police intervened to disperse the growing crowd.

“The proposed taxes are going to make life unbearable,” one of the women yelled before police arrested Omondi, who was leading the demo.

Despite being arrested, Omondi continued to rally his supporters, shouting defiantly as officers escorted him away.

Videos circulating online show protesters holding large placards, demanding that Members of Parliament reject the controversial bill.

In a symbolic act of protest, they scattered twigs along the main road in front of Parliament, hoping to capture the MPs’ attention.

This wasn’t the comedian’s first run-in with the law. In February of last year, he was arrested for leading protests against the high cost of living outside Parliament. Omondi and other activists blocked Parliament Road, urging the government to lower prices on basic commodities.

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