Eric Omondi Hoping Witty Shows Will Put New Mega Studio On The Map

With a new multimillion studio now in place, comedian Eric Omondi is looking at how he can promote and make it a home for local and international creatives.

Omondi hasn’t gone for the typical promotion and marketing though.

He’s gunning on his 5 million-plus followers on social media and witty online shows to bring attention to Eric Omondi Studios, the mega exclusive studio in Lavington he launched late last year in an effort to bring everything Kenyan creatives might need under one roof.

And so far so good. It has been working better than any other launch we have seen in the entertainment industry the three or so decades the industry has been running.

The studio’s debut show, “Wife Material”, was a huge hit trending for almost a month on Youtube.

“We went to promote our album that will be released next month and it helped us a lot,” said Band Beca singers Carol and Becky who were featured in Wife Material.

“People did not know about us as musicians and also we gave people something to smile about during a boring season.”

He’s hoping his next project “Shosholites” will market his studio country-wide and prove to creatives they have the power to catapult creative projects and brands

Shosholites, which is another creative, unorthodox, never-seen-in-the-Kenyan-market-before show, involves jumping from one town to another showcasing grannies who have talent. Winners are set to walk home with 100k in cash.

Comedian Butita, veteran actors Mama Kayai and Judge Lucy, and MC Antonio will be the judges in the talent search show.

This, according to Omondi, has been his dream; teaming up veterans and younger creatives to make magic. His mission is to conquer Kenya first, then Africa.

“I am targetting new blood and also to incorporate the legends who will shoot from this studio and also market their work,” the comedian said during the launch.

“Like I said before, I am expanding beyond Kenya and artists in Africa will also be part of this project.

“All my life I dreamt of an opportunity to showcase my craft to the world but my biggest dream has always been to create a space for creatives. These studios we launched are for every artist, musician, comedians and actors.These studios are also to ensure maximum quality production for our corporate clients and partners.”


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