Eric Omondi Helps The Release Of 22 Other Petty Offenders In Nairobi

Comedian Eric Omondi has facilitated the release of 22 other petty offenders in Nairobi who had been jailed for lacking at least ksh 10,000 bail money.

Omondi helped the 22, all men, who were currently being held at Nairobi West Men’s Prison for petty offenses such as hawking, selling without licenses and not adhering to county council rules.

“Today we released 22 men from Nairobi West Men’s Prison (we will release more). These were young men whose only crime was fending for their families. We need to change a lot. Na wameenda home na Unga mbili mbili,” Eric wrote.

This act of kindness has been widely praised on social media, with many people hailing him for his kind act.

It follows his recent move that saw him bail out eight women from Langata Women’s Prison who were locked up for petty offenses and couldn’t raise a bial of Ksh 10,000.

Today we managed to Bail out 8 Young Girls from Langata Women Prison, their Stories are Heartbreaking and Simply Heartrenching. We will process more tomorrow and then we move to Nairobi West Men’s Prison, then Industrial Area then we go Nationwide. Something needs to change and Change Fast. Thank you once again @bernicesaroni  God bless.” he said following the act.

It all started after Omondi, who has been in and out of jail himself while fighting for artists, helped in the release of a sales lady arrested and jailed for shouting in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) while trying to call out customers to buy her goods.

Joyce Naserian was jailed for three months at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison after failing to pay a Ksh.10,000 cash bail.

“I was working in town at Old Nation House, next to the fire station, and when I shouted to call a customer, city council officers came and arrested me and took me to Central Police Station,” Naserian said during an interview with Inooro TV.

Having successfully secured her release, Omondi vowed to help other petty offenders get their freedom.

“As we were releasing our sister Joice from Langata Women Prison I realized there are so many petty offenders languishing in Jail…I am not talking about criminal cases am talking about hawkers, makangas, wamama wakufua and so forth. Some of their fines are as little as Ksh.500. We are going to do our best to get these people out and help them where we can,” he said.

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