Eric Omondi Dismisses Ezekiel Mutua Plea to ‘Cleaning Up’ His Content

Comedian Eric Omondi has come out guns blazing following Kenya Films Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua’s criticism over his viral videos aimed at promoting his studios.

Omondi took to social media to rebuke the self-proclaimed moral cop insisting that he’s only looking for publicity using his name and not to better the entertainment industry.

“Stop using my name for these cheap PUBLICITY stunts,” Omondi posted on Instagram.

“I have never understood exactly what you do for a living. You have not helped the Entertainment Industry in any way.”

Mutua in a presser in Mombasa argued that Omondi should stop shooting half-naked videos and sharing them on social media because it’s a “bad example to our kids”.

“You find artists such as Eric Omondi recording themselves in compromising postures and then he claims to be the African President for Comedy,” he said.

“Respect yourself and the kids. Put a disclaimer on your videos and let everyone know it is for the adults. We are not here to protect adults but kids. We do not want to lose control,” Mutua ranted as KFCB unveiled new measures to protect children from lewd content.

Omondi has been busy posting half-naked videos as he markets his almost done Eric Omondi Studios in Lavington that will be a hub for creators in Kenya.

In his reply, he suggested that KFCB should have invested in his project rather than focusing on criticizing his work.

“Visit Eric Omondi Studios and see what we are about to do to help young and upcoming TALENTS,” he said.

“Don’t ever address me or use my name again. You don’t know my story!!! You don’t understand my process!!!.”

KCFB also said that it will take legal action against advertising companies that are exposing children to inappropriate content during the watershed period.





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