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The appreciation of Kenyan art is heightening in 2017. Many players are willing to re-invest in the same industry that feeds them. We are experiencing more local acts on big stage shows, multiple festivals, and more music getting airplay.

For a minute, upcoming artists find it challenging to land a recording studio that can nurture them and propel them to certain heights. The few studios available are always overbooked, overworked and sometimes that leads to dilution of sound. But that is soon changing. Epic Nation- a recording studio spearheaded by Dj Crème De La Crème who has a vision for 254 music- seeks to drum up support for local acts to record quality music.

Putting in Work.. Can't Wait For Yall to Jump To This.. @iamfrasha @epicnationmusic

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KV recently sat down with David Makitele, the Managing Director at Epic Nation to know what the plans are for the new studio.

New Studio, what’s the plan/ overall objective?

The plan is to be the go-to studio in Kenya for all audio production needs. We also want to nurture and break new talent.

Are you addressing a gap in the industry?

Yes, fresh new Kenyan talent hasn’t been broken on a consistent basis in the past few years, and it’s our mission to ensure that we have fresh new talent coming to the forefront of our music industry. For too long we’ve had the same people at the ‘top’ as if to say there’s no other talent in the country.

Is Epic Nation turning into a full label?

Yes, Epic Nation will be turning into a full label eventually. For now, we are slowly finding our footing in this music space. We shall step up wider operations as we proceed on.

Where are you located?

The studio is located at Mini Mall Valley Arcade off Hendred rd Unit 25

What type of studio

Umm…. Music studio. Lol

Who is welcome?

Anybody serious about making their music

Who are your producers?

We are working with a number of producers including but not limited to, Yo Alex, Mura,  Marshall, Half Baked, Dj Crème, Dj Teeboy and Redeye. The pool of talent is large and still growing.

What are the fees to record or have work done?

That’s dependent on the project, so I suggest people come and have a conversation with us.

Any tracks already cooking? We saw a photo with Willy Paul.

Lots of epic music is in the works. Willy Paul came through to the studio- amazing guy.

Who are the first guys you’re targeting/ Target market?

We aren’t limiting ourselves to a specific target market.

We send our congratulations to the team and we hope guys will take advantage of this new service.



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