End Of Year Review: Why Take Stock

You can never have a successful venture unless you are keen on stocktaking.

You cannot calculate your profit without detailed knowledge of how much you had to start with.

The same applies in life. Many of us are keen on setting goals but never apply the same energy when it comes to reviewing progress.

Proper tracking of your progress requires continuous assessment of your time.

Time is the currency of success.

Have you taken stock of the year ending? Below are 5 reasons why you should!

Gives you a reason to celebrate

Celebration births motivation. Looking back and amplifying your achievements will give you the much-needed motivation to step into the new year and win some more. Review your year month for month and celebrate all the wins, big and small.

It exposes the loopholes

Critically evaluating your year will expose to you the loopholes. Loopholes could be anything from distraction thanks to bad company or procrastination that keeps you from chasing your dreams. Apply honesty but be kind to yourself and aim to be better.

It guides on the areas you need help

None of us is self-sufficient. You can not be good at everything and that is perfectly fine. Establish your shortcomings and plan to get the help needed.

It informs on the next cause of action

What activities do you need to drop or continue with in your coming year? This can only be established by reviewing what worked and what didn’t. Get to it to make more informed decisions in the coming year.

Finally, taking stock sets the stage for the year that is to come – “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail “, Benjamin Franklin . You can’t arrive at a destination that you didn’t plan for.

In summary, It takes active steps to get to your purpose. You need to be Intentional for the achievement of desired outcomes.

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