End Of An Era; KISS TV Shuts Down Over Revenue Shortage

Less than a year after its re-launch, Radio Africa Limited has announced the shutdown of KISS TV.

Martin Khafafa, Radio Africa Group COO cited the entertainment TV Station’s inability to generate revenue as the reason for the closure.  

“As you may be aware, our TV department has been unable to generate any revenue despite efforts by everyone to turn the station around.” Read part of Radio Africa’s internal memorandum.

“Consequently we will be shutting down the station today, 17th March 2023.” the memo continued to read.

KISS TV re-launched in May 2022, as top talents including Kamene Goro were named in the TV Station’s program line-up.

Shift of Business Model in Media Industry

The fourth quarter of 2022 saw mass retrenchment in Kenyan media houses.

In December 2022, Radio Africa CEO Patrick Quarcoo revealed some employees would be declared redundant.

Quarcoo explained the move is necessitated by a shift in media industry business models.

“As you may have observed in the recent past, there has been a shift in the media industry that has over time forced us to make changes in our business model, to maintain our competitive edge as a company.

As management, we have been faced with a situation that requires a critical business decision to be made to ensure business continuity.” read part of an internal memo.

The memo revealed numerous positions would be declared redundant.

“We will therefore be reorganizing our internal business operations and in the process, we may declare numerous positions redundant based on the new structure,”