Emerging Artists To Keep Watch On In 2020

The Kenyan music industry is rocketing every single day. Talent is growing and music is getting better. Here is a list of artistes to keep watch on this year.

Not only are her performances beyond exhilarating, but she is also heavily talented with an extremely rhythmic music presence. The songstress has her wings in the industry and is flying higher than many can anticipate. To kick start you in her soulful music and beautiful voice, I suggest to listen to the song ‘State of Mind’, her recent release below:

Red Acafellaz
Also known as the Red Acapella the band is very authentic and their style rounds up for a Kenyan thrill. Despite being in the markets for over five years the group is always releasing hits on hits, having collaborated with big names such as the H-art the Band, the group is one for the watch list, especially as they are yet to release a banger playlist for 2020.

Mikel Ameen
His music is beyond the normal definition of lyrical or rhythmic. Having featured an array of artistes from Fuse ODG, Selasi and Shappaman, his music style is diverse and fully favors an eclectic. His sounds in the Kenyan Music Industry is one for the watch. To kick start your new 2020 playlist listen to one of his hits featuring Shappaman Give in 2 U and an ancestor riddim full of energy and zeal, Get out my house! Thank us later.

Jeremie Banembe

Jeremie has been in the industry for a short while and has released big hits such as this year featuring Collo G, Beloved, Blessed and Empelela, his art in the singing is diverse and really favors all audiences, definitely one to watch this year!

The Kenyan music industry is richly endowed with talent! Which new artiste in the block are you jamming to? Feel free to share your diverse playlist with us!