Elsa Majimbo Takes on YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is the new creatives muse and Elsa Majimbo has not been left behind.

Elsa Majimbo Takes on The Weekend’s ‘Take My Breath’ on her YouTube Shorts Debut

Elsa Majimbo is the latest Creative to join YouTube Shorts, with her take on Popstar, The Weekend’s ‘Take my Breath’.

The comedian gets creative in her YouTube Shorts debut, as she gives a show stopping perfomance in a bathrobe, with a remote to aid her upbeat perfomance of the pop funk song.


Majimbo has had success on Social media platforms after gaining stardom during the COVID-19 quarantine period by making home-based funny quarantine videos and posting on social media.


Her social media platforms have since grown, with over 2.4M followers on Instagram and over 340k followers on Twitter, where she posts her endorsement deals, and hilarious, satirical monologues.

There’s no doubt YouTube will further propel her career.

About YouTube Shorts

Early in September, users in Kenya and over 100 other countries around the world were for the first time able to access YouTube Shorts’ creation tools and features to make the content intresting.

The Video making platform offers a new short-form video experience for users, with an endless stream of fun and creative videos that are less than a minute.