Elsa Majimbo Opens Up About A Fall Out With Naomi Campbell

Hollywood-based Kenyan comedic sensation Elsa Majimbo is at the center of a storm after a scathing tirade against British supermodel Naomi Campbell. What started as a candid revelation on TikTok quickly escalated into a frenzy of speculation and concern, leaving fans wondering about the safety and well-being of the beloved comedian.

Majimbo, known for her razor-sharp wit and unfiltered humor, took to social media to air her grievances against Campbell. In a now-deleted video, she recounted a rift that had developed between her and the icons, shedding light on the tumultuous relationship that had once been built on mentorship and camaraderie. Despite her deleting the video,it is still doing rounds as some people managed to download it offline and are now reposting it.

According to Majimbo, the falling out stemmed from a holiday encounter with Campbell in Nairobi, where tensions simmered over issues of fame and creative ownership. 

Mutual friends she had made raised the idea that she should be grateful to Naomi Campbell for “making her” in reference to her fame. This view did not sit right with her, and she denied being made, as she felt it demeaned the work she had put in. She stood up for herself and suggested in the video that when this got back to Naomi, it started the rift between them.

The rift further widened because of a film project based on her experiences with colorism. During a holiday encounter, the British supermodel suggested they collaborate on a film. However, Majimbo asserts that the concept had been her own long before their conversation. When Majimbo eventually debuted her film, “Elsa,” at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2022, Campbell allegedly claimed ownership of the idea and threatened legal action. The film was directed by Julia Jansch, a Tribeca-award-winning filmmaker from South Africa, and explores the reality of being unashamedly oneself. Despite Majimbo’s attempts to reconcile for almost a year, her efforts were met with silence from Campbell. Eventually, Majimbo opted to table the issue temporarily. “Elsa,” directed by Julia Jansch, a celebrated filmmaker from South Africa, delves into the journey of unapologetically embracing one’s true self.

But it wasn’t just a clash of egos; deeper issues lurked beneath the surface. Majimbo revealed how the fallout had plunged her into a dark period of depression and alcoholism, painting a stark picture of the toll that fame and scrutiny can take on one’s mental health.

As news of the feud spreads like wildfire across social media platforms, fans and followers are showing support for Miss Majimbo, expressing solidarity with the embattled comedian. Hashtags such as “#StandWithElsa” and “#ProtectElsa” flooded timelines, reflecting a groundswell of support for the outspoken entertainer.

Naomi Campbell’s Questionable Friends and Social Media Theories

Yet, amid the outpouring of support, darker theories are emerging. Some social media users raised concerns about Campbell’s checkered past, drawing attention to her association with controversial figures and scandals.

Twitter User @Am_BluJay was one of the many Kenyan netizens to point out Naomi Campbell’s checkered past:”Never forget Naomi Campbell used to recieve uncut blood diamonds from Charles Taylor a man found guilty of eleven charges levied by the Special Court, including terror, murder and rape.”

Allegations of ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous island and other unsavory connections cast a shadow over Campbell’s reputation, fueling speculation about potential dangers faced by Majimbo.The user @BALUCIGA tweeted” just a reminder that naomi campbell visited epstein’s island 21 times and was very close friends with harvey weinstein. she’s clearly a very dangerous, disgusting and unscrupulous woman and i really hope elsa comes out of all of this unscathed and safe

Echoing these concerns, popular tweep and business lady Eve Maina wrote,”Niliwaambia baby girl hajui the dark side of hollywood mkathani ni zile conspiracy zangu.Naomis role in Epstein Island and in hollywood is not far from what she was trying to do her.And that guy in a Gwagon that she keeps saying stalks her, that’s not a stalker. Mungu amlinde,”  mentioning recent events in Elsa’s life to give life to her theory. In a separate tweet, Eve Maina also drew parallels with a situation that happened to Hollywood comedian Dave Chapelle, when he called out some people and had to take a hiatus from the scene. “She has deleted the video and retracted what she said about Naomi making her an alcoholic. 

This story reminds me of how Dave Chapelle did this exact thing and he had to escape to South Africa and stayed there for over 10 years.”

Some voices in the entertainment industry voiced apprehension about the ramifications of Majimbo’s outspokenness. Fears of career repercussions and blacklisting loomed large, prompting discussions about the precarious balance between speaking out and self-preservation in the cutthroat world of showbiz.

A Nigerian fan ,Nneka pointed this out so well,” Even if Naomi doesn’t blackball her, brands will see that video & avoid her. This is her 2nd vid I’m seeing and she drops names as liberally as she rubs cream on her left arm.

I think she blew so fast, so unexpectedly & got into circles she never imagined and see finish entered.”

User @marthamwatha takes an opposite stance saying,that Majimbos actuons are  brave for her age,and that she is doing the right thing.” I’m so proud of Elsa Majimbo.

Standing up to a powerful bully is not easy, the girl was shaking but she did it anyway.It follows then, that I’ll always be on her side. A 22 year old who dared to take on a very powerful mean girl is to be protected at all costs.”

Engineer Nyakisera has a different  theory,one that involves e

Elsa being roped into the Magical Kenya ambassadorial role that Campbell was appointed to. “Naomi Campbell was appointed Kenya’s tourism ambassador, after Najib Balala claimed they couldn’t reach Lupita Nyong’o for 5 years. Recently, Ababu Namwamba engaged Elsa Majimbo to promote Talanta Hela in the US. The fallout between Naomi and her apprentice Elsa makes it sticky. “

Amidst the chaos, one question remains for her fans: Is Elsa Majimbo safe? In a world where fame and fortune often come at a steep price, only time will tell what lies ahead for the irrepressible comedian.Whether viewed as a fearless truth-teller or a reckless provocateur, her actions sparked a much-needed conversation about power dynamics and accountability in the entertainment industry.