Elsa Majimbo On Facing Racism In LA And How Actress Indiya Moore Came To Her Rescue

Most often when we hear about Racism in the US, it is always in extreme cases where it has led to death. The subtleties of it usually goes unmentioned, but recently comedian Elsa Majimbo recounted a racist encounter with her Uber driver.

“Very rarely have I faced racism in America.

Not to say there is little Racism in America, there’s a lot of Racism in America, it’s just I live in LA which is more diverse, and also I stay mostly in West Hollywood and Beverly hills the entire time living here, so I’m not really exposed to more.” Said Elsa Majimbo, as she proceeded to share a recent Racist encounter…

“This one time I was in Malibu and I was going back home, I go to the Uber, I open the door and the door is locked…

So I’m like excuse me sir, and he rolls down the window …

And he’s like, ‘prove to me it’s you’, He was like you have to show me your phone and say it says I’m here to pick you up.”

How Actress Indiya Moore came to Elsa Majimbo Rescue against a Racist Uber Driver

Elsa said she took out her phone to comply with the Driver’s request, but Actress Indiya Moore couldn’t allow her to get into that car.

“So Indiya Moore was with me and she was like, Elsa there is no way in hell you are getting in that car.”

Majimbo proceeded to share that the Pose actress asked Elsa’s Uber Driver to leave.

“She was like Sir Leave.” And proceeded to wait for her to get another car and told her, “I’ll make sure this one treats you right and takes you home properly.”

Elsa said it was such a conflicting day.

“That was such a weird day because I faced Racism, but also like I made a friend for life… Bitter, sweet, I would say.” Majimbo.