Elsa Majimbo Listed Among The Most Influential Creators Worldwide

American magazine Rollingstone recently released its list of the 20 most influential creators, and comedian Elsa Majimbo features.

According to the magazine, Rolling Stone’s inaugural most influential list profiled, “innovative vloggers to controversial streamers to bone fide TikTok stars.”

The list looked at creators’ views, subscribers, sponsorships and revenue.

The creators’ uniqueness and authenticity, an immeasurable factor was also considered.

Rolling Stone’s Most Influential Creators List

Featured alongside Majimbo is English YouTuber Amelia Dimoldernberg, famous for her Chicken Shop dates, American comedian Druski and Kai Cenat, Twich’s most-subscribed creator.

Other creators on the most influential creators list are Mr. Beast, as well as Khaby Lame the most followed TikToker, among other powerhouse names across various social media platforms.

Describing Majimbo, Rolling Stone wrote; “First, she is not interested in having visitors, and second, she definitely wants to be rich.”

The magazine highlights the comedian’s deals despite what they describe as her, “anti-work ethos,”