Elsa Majimbo Gets Vulnerable In New Documentary

Elsa Majimbo is known as a bubbly, confident, comedian, however, the documentary ‘Elsa’ has shed light on her more vulnerable side.


The Documentary, Elsa by award-winning filmmaker Julia Jansch takes a deep dive into Majimbo’s comedic style, as she shares her vulnerabilities.

In a New Yorker feature, Jansch shared her first encounter with Majimbo’s content.

“She had me in hysterics,”

But, what’s more, it was like nothing I’d ever really seen before, which I think was the initial appeal. She added.

Jansch revealed she was captivated by her raw natural style, and approach of posting unfiltered thoughts in a space where you can rarely encounter anything real or genuine.

Elsa shares ‘days in a life sort feel’, with very personal feelings of the comedian who gets vulnerable and emotional about situations that have broken her heart.

Elsa Majimbo’s Struggles with Parents and Siblings about Her Videos.

In the documentary, Elsa recounts struggles with her parents and brother about the videos she posted online.

She narrates how her parents held a meeting to discuss her videos, and how her older brother told her that she was embarrassing her whole family.

“My big brother looked at me and told me, those videos are absolutely disgusting.”

“You are embarrassing your whole family.” she recounted her brother’s words as fought back tears.

Majimbo said she almost stopped recording her videos, but had to learn sometimes your loved one’s opinions are not always correct.

“I’ve definitely put on a mask since I can remember.

It kind of blocked me from seeing things for myself in the world. It made me want to view things how other people around me viewed things and how other people see me. It took me some time to unlearn that.” Shared Majimbo.