Eliud Kipchoge Launches Education Foundation

World record holder Eliud Kipchoge has thrown his weight behind SDG goal 4 education by officially launching his foundation.

During its launch on Thursday 9, the elite athlete announced that his marathon dubbed ‘Eliud Kipchoge Foundation’ will focus on two important features, namely education and the environment.

“I am very grateful to launch my Eliud Kipchoge Foundation today. My mission is to give learners in the world access to knowledge and education. From my own experience, I saw that most athletes dropped out of school and tried to build a life without education. But with education, it can help you grow and it can help you grow your community alongside you,” he said.

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He professed his dream of getting education across schools all over the world, hoping to get libraries stacked.

“My dream is for all schools and kindergartens in the world to have good libraries. From a very young age, learners need to get in contact with books. I was lucky in my life to have access to books and knowledge from a young age. It taught me to value life.” Kipchoge stated.

Kipchoge’s love for the environment expands just the regular causes as he also has a tea farm which he has proudly shown off in the past.

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