Eli Mwenda Faces Backlash for Promoting Cab Company Amidst Safety Concerns

In a recent weekend post, popular content creator and influencer, Eli Mwenda, took the initiative to educate people on the safety protocols to follow while using a well-known cab company in Kenya. However, despite his good intentions, the post sparked a wave of backlash from his fans.

Even some of his fellow influencers called him out for aligning himself with a brand that has been plagued with numerous issues. Criticism came pouring in, accusing him of being unaware of the company’s shortcomings and promoting ineffective safety measures.

Overwhelmed by the negative feedback and public backlash, Eli Mwenda made the difficult decision to remove his post. To make matters worse, there were warnings urging him not to allow himself to be used by the company to improve its tarnished reputation.

The incident that fueled this controversy was the kidnapping of Erica, the daughter of media personality Ciku Muiruri, and her friend while they were using the services of the same cab company. The public outcry against the company intensified, and people started questioning their lack of response in addressing the security concerns and accusations of using influencers to cover up their issues rather than fixing them.

As of now, the cab company remains silent, leaving the accusations and doubts surrounding its reputation unanswered.

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