Elani Speaks Again

After a year of silence on the airwaves and after #ElaniSpeaks, Elani speaks again, and they reach across the border for a great collaboration with Chameleon.

Elani brought to attention the lack of accountability and transparency of MCSK. Which sparked a national dialogue unlike any we have ever seen. The issue between artists and MCSK has been there since the beginning of MCSK. Legends like the late great Poxxy Presha campaigned tirelessly for transparency within MCSK.

Many issues were brought up in this very important conversation, firstly the Elani’s major issue is the lack of accountability of MCSK. And another major issue is the lack of broadcasters willingness to provide accurate logs to MCSK to process. Therefore artists don’t get the money they deserve because nothing adds up.

Legislation on copyright management needs to be rethought and re-engineered for the unique Kenyan market. Johnson Sakaja who is vying for Nairobi Governorship has taken the matter under his wing. And there’s hope that major changes are going to take place in both legislation and the music industry.

Having craved Elani for about a year, we are so excited to hear new music form the talented trio! Chameleon’s raspy voice is perfect for this love song. Listen to ‘My Darling’ here.
Elani feat Chameleon ‘My Darling’

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