Elani Finally Drops Video For ‘Mahindi’

Not just content with delivering flawless vocal performances, Elani has always been a ground mindful of the message that its content tries to put out.

And this is absolutely apparent in the video to ‘Mahindi’.

Mahindi is a tune off the group’s debut album “Barua ya Dunia” and Elani has a call to action:

Speak out against food injustices – hold your leaders to account.

Make an effort to learn more about the problems and proposed solutions – short term donation drives from the rich for the poor are not going to solve the problem

Take action by joining one of the many initiatives who are working to solve the problem. The Route to Food Initiative is one of them. They are a growing alliance of people working towards realising the right to food in Kenya. You can find out more on their website www.routetofood.org

The group is currently in the midst of a media blitz ahead of the release of a new album. And this seems like the perfect time, and space, to speak on something so fundamentally important to Kenya right now.

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