East Mpaka London – Buruklyn Boyz’s Highly-Anticipated Album Is Finally Out

East Mpaka London Album is finally out. The project by popular Drill Music group Buruklyn Boyz is their debut album. It is a 16-track compilation that hosts hits such as Pree, Dream Ya Kutoka Kwa Block, Catalyst, Usikam Hi Section, and Blicky among others.

East Mpaka London Album

While most of the songs in East Mpaka London are solo projects, there are also collaborations with other artists. They include Maya Amolo, Silverstone Bars, Big Yasa, and Young Louie.

East Mpaka London is one of Kenya’s finest Drill Music exports as its tracks ooze production, and lyrical prowess. Buruklyn Boyz use this project to address various issues from the usual Drill braggadocio themes to love and hustle. Additionally, other tracks such as the popular Dream Ya Kutoka Kwa Block are more than just the hustle as they have spiritual undertones and compelling storytelling.

East Mpaka London

Even though the album is largely Drill Music, Buruklyn Boyz showcase their versatility by featuring alternative R&B singer Maya Amolo in the song Niskize. In a refreshing twist, the group also samples Nikita Kering’s Ex in their track Ex.

Yet another noteworthy element in the East Mpaka London album is well-layered instrumentals and cover art. These 2 features scream the duo’s love for Drill Music. Stream the full album here.

East Mpaka London

Buruklyn Boyz – Road To Fame

Buruklyn Boyz was formed in 2019, after the release of their debut single Durag na Slice. This group’s main members are Ajay and Mr. Right. The other members include Telvo/Telvin 400, Mr. Brown, Young Louie, and their manager G Rude aka Ali Buddz.

Since debuting in Kenyan showbiz, the group has gone to gain fame in the international Drill Music scene. Born and raised in the popular Nairobi suburb Buruburu, Buruklyn Boyz pay homage to their hood through their name ‘Buruklyn’ and their popular phrase “tano nane” (58) which is their hood area number.

Without a doubt, the group has gained substantial career success in both the local and international music scene. These include features in coveted publications such as Pan African Music, and Tangaza. They were also the headliners of the recently concluded Kenyan edition of the popular music event, Boiler Room.

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