Dr Ofwenke Celebrates Sobriety Milestone

Media figure Dr. Ofweneke shares his journey to sobriety, marking one month of abstaining from alcohol.

Dr. Ofweneke took to Instagram to disclose his battle with addiction and a newfound reliance on his faith. “From downing an average of 2 whiskey bottles daily to commemorating my first sober month today,” he penned.

He recounted a profound shift in priorities, exchanging alcohol for devotion to prayer and worship. “My thirst has transformed into spending time with God through prayer and worship,” he continued, expressing spiritual fulfillment.

“My thirst has turned into spending time with God in prayer and worship, I no longer feel physical, being in the spirit 24 hours and enjoying the presence of God and hearing from him is too sweet, My addiction to spending time with God is growing crazy every day.,” he confessed.

Dr. Ofweneke’s post struck a chord with many, including fellow Kenyan celebrity Kush Tracey, who affirmed her own 1 year and 5 months of sobriety.

This isn’t the first instance Dr. Ofweneke has discussed his faith. In a 2021 interview, he disclosed his status as an ordained pastor, previously pausing active ministry to concentrate on his career. Despite potential conflicts between his public persona and religious calling, he aspires to reignite his faith, challenging misconceptions about balancing spirituality and success.

“We believe it’s uncool and that we’ll lose something. But that’s not true to me,” he asserted, citing examples of thriving Kenyan celebrities who openly embrace their faith.

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