Dorothy Ghettuba- Kenyan Netflix Executive Reveals How She Plans On Voicing African Stories In The Global Market

In 2019, Kenyan filmmaker Dorothy Ghettuba was selected to run Netflix’s African Original Programming, and ever since, she has been working around the clock to ensure that African stories get a voice and platform at the company.

In a recent interview with CNN, Dorothy speaks of the challenges encountered as a result of the COVID-19 situation and how they plan on making Netflix the most sought platform for African film enthusiasts and fans.

“Our ultimate aim is that we want to be the home of the best-in-class African stories. We want you to know that if you’re looking for the best African stories, then you will find them on Netflix. We are going to expand heavily to ensure that goal is met.” she stated

According to Dorothy, the main challenge so far has been blackouts and access to data which she categorically describes as infrastructural constraints. This has however not stopped her from her quest for African stories.

The filmmaker says that amid the pandemic, she has ample time to speak to writers, check on scripts to ensure that she gets the best stories for Netflix content consumers.

She went further to acknowledge how Africans value local content and this serves as a driving force for the Netflix team to offer the best to their consumers.

“The appetite is there. Africans are truly excited about the local content — and not just local content, but best in class. There’s a sense of pride and excitement in Africa. And when I say Africa, I truly mean it across the continent.” she told CNN

With the main objective being boosting African content on the platform, Dorothy expressed her confidence in African creatives stating that their content deserves to be placed at the center of the global market.

“We believe rich stories can come from anywhere and can be loved everywhere across the world. We want our African stories to be watched across the globe.” she said

With Netflix as one of the world’s largest entertainment platforms, boosting African content will go a long way in revamping the film industry and expose African creatives to greater opportunities.

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