Dora Nyaboke On Playing The Cold Evangeline In Her Debut Telenovela Project Second Family

Second Family’s Evangeline Gatehi-Lang’at is the matriarch of the Gatehi-Lang’at family. She wields immense power and commands the world around her. Dora Nyaboke, the actress who plays Evangeline, describes her as “a woman of mystery who’s very measured.” She has a knack for playing roles in which she wields power, pitted against weaker opponents she easily chews up.

Dora Nyaboke

Evangeline’s biggest opponent is the 25-year-old illegitimate daughter of her husband Leo Lang’at, and anyone else who threatens her husband’s legacy. As Evangeline, Nyaboke is icy and calm in a way only a villain with a grand, diabolical plan against her opponents can be. She’s the kind of woman everyone needs on their side, confident and logical with her moves, but ruthless when crossed.

Nyaboke’s portrayal of Evangeline is a standout performance in Showmax’s first original telenovela in Kenya. Second Family, which launched in March and is her biggest project yet. “I am having a really good time on set. It’s refreshing working with a professional cast and crew. The whole production is amazing.” She says.

Dora Nyaboke

Playing a lead role in a telenovela project is a dream come true for Dora Nyaboke. She prepared herself for this role by imagining herself playing such a villain and researching some of the best villains played in movies.

Dora Nyaboke On Evangeline’s Character

One of the most shocking scenes in the early episodes of Second Family is when Evangeline cremates her husband’s body before the family pays their respects. Nyaboke was shocked and tickled at the same time. However, seeing it from Evangeline’s point of view, it absolutely makes sense why she would do that. There is the aspect of betrayal from Leo, and also the fact that Evangeline will always be the one in control of situations, even if her methods are questionable.

Dora Nyaboke

Nyaboke’s approach to acting has changed now that she’s working on a longer project than before. She’s on set five to six days a week. This requires a lot of discipline and commitment to be well-prepared for each day, which is paramount to her delivery. Being in a good state of mind is key, so she tries to sleep well every night. On her off days, she tries not to do too much apart from resting. It’s also the time she goes through upcoming scripts and really immerses herself in the story.

Second Family is a telenovela to watch, with a talented cast and intriguing storyline. Catch new episodes every Wednesday to Friday on Showmax.

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