Dope Kenyan 2021 Albums & EPs To Spruce Up Your Playlist

2021 seems to be in a race towards its end. While a lot has happened over its complete 7 months, we can’t fail to acknowledge the good Kenyan music albums that have been released since January. They say that a true fan is the one who will not only jam to hits but will also look for an artist’s entire album.

Below are some of the finest Kenyan 2021 albums to spruce up your playlist:

BeCa Fever – Band Beca

This was the debut album of the sultry-voiced girl duo. BeCa Fever which contains multi-genre music has 8 tracks in which the Naiboi signees have outdone themselves. Even though their song Watch Your Mouth was a hit, my favorites from this February album are Shoboka and Dada.

Kitenge – Nviiri The Storyteller

Kitenge has to be one of the most popular EPs on this list. There is no doubt that Nviiri is very talented that is why all the 6 songs in this EP received favorable reviews from both fans and critics alike. Niko Sawa was the most loved song in this EP if the views are anything to go by, but my favorites are Baridi and Mae Wendi.

Catch A Vibe – Karun

Yet another amazing EP, Catch A Vibe is packed with RnB goodness. This 6 track Ep features collaborations with artists such as Mpho Sebina, Chase Aaron, Kahu$h, Xenia Manasseh, and Ivy Alexander. I love all the songs here but Catch A Vibe, Here With Me, and Just Friends top the list for me in that order.

Medicine – Bensoul

This EP graced our ears in May this year and it was another certified EP from yet another Sol Generation signee. Its soulfulness and well-written lyrics make it easy to jam to and fall in love with. Yes, Medicine was this EP’s Jewel and it is my favorite and so is Stereo.

Greatness – Femi One

Released in June, this was Femi’s debut album. Packed with Hip Hop goodness, Greatness features collaborations with artists such as Oksyde, Bern Muziki, Sanaipei Tande, Jadi, Joh Makini, Feffe Busi, and Zakah. Some of the songs in this 14 track album include Adonai, Selekta, Mgongo, and Diva among others. My personal favorites in this album are Adonai and Duru.

Nadrenaline – Brian Nadra

In case you are looking for versatility, then Nadrenaline is the perfect choice as it is a fusion of various genres such as Pop, RnB, HipHop, and Gengetone. Also dropped in June, the 8 track album oozes good vibes and my personal favorites here have to be Chocollate and Booty.

Simple Man – Hart The Band

This June album is one of the finest collections ever produced by H_Art The Band yet. Every time this trio gets in the studio with Cedo musical magic is born. If you have only listened to its hit My Jaber, then you don’t know what you are missing. Picking a favorite in this album is a bit difficult as I love all its tracks, however, Everyday, Na Bado, and Simple Man are my picks, and yes My Jaber is certified.

Black & Gold – Fena Gitu

If you love live music then this is just the EP for you. It has live music versions of some of Fena’s hits such as Steam, Vaccine, Siri, Ngoma, and P. Power. Being a huge fan of Fena I have to admit I love all the songs in this EP but P.Power is my jam.

Nikita Kering – A Side of Me

A true RnB masterpiece, A Side of Me is the teen star’s debut EP. The 7 track Ep contains is a solo songs project where she flaunts her songwriting and vocal capabilities. Ex, Crossing Lines, and Better Than Ever are my picks in this EP.

Which songs from these albums are your favorite?

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