Don’t Throw Away Those Overripe Fruits Just yet!

We must admit that we sometimes mistake overripe fruits for spoilt fruits, or is it that some of us get disgusted or skeptical about consuming them?

An overripe fruit would be squishy, easy to dent and appear spotty. As long as it retains its shape, not flattened, not oozing out and has a sweet smell instead of a stench; it still can be put to use.

Here are ways you can put those overripe fruits to use;

Make jam or syrup

Don’t throw away those overripe apples, berries and peaches, instead make a jam or boil them up to a syrup. Enjoy your breakfast pancakes to some homemade nourishing syrup. However, do store the jam/syrup in the refrigerator.


Blend them into smoothies

Overripe fruits are extra sweet, they, therefore, are the perfect addition to smoothies where one wouldn’t want to add a sweetener such as sugar. Overripe bananas make your smoothie creamier.

Bake them

These fruits make sweeter baked products. Overripe bananas are actually preferred in making banana bread. Your overripe oranges could be used in baking orange cake and apples to apple pie.

Make Fruit Popsicles

Popsicles are a perfect delight after a long hot day. Squeeze the overripe fruit juice and you may also add some chunks of fruits to make the popsicles chewable. Put in popsicle cups and freeze.

Face Mask

Overripe fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which are good for your skin.

  • Lemon/lime are rich in vitamin C and citric acid which works well in acne-prone skin and lightening dark spots,
  • Bananas are great for smoothing and moisturizing your skin,
  • Strawberries have salicylic acid and apples have malic acid which are great in getting rid of blemishes.

Premium Photo | Natural beauty, spa and healthy skin concept. glad african  american woman in white towel, holds grapefruit, has toothy smile, with mud  mask on face

Hair Mask

Most common oils found in hair products fail to penetrate the outer layers of hair. Natural plant oils do, this is why an overripe avocado hair mask is a lifesaver to moisturize and nourish your hair. Overripe bananas have antioxidants that give your hair shine and smoothen it.


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