DNG Explains Why Graduates Might Struggle With Radio Jobs

Having been on radio for more than a decade, former radio presenter DNG disagrees with a majority of Kenyans that comedians and other “unqualified” media personalities on air should be replaced by well-trained journalists.

“I have been seeing a lot of misinformation and clueless contribution by some people calling out Radio Stations for hiring people who are not trained journalists,” said DNG on social media.

“To assume that Radio Presenters are not trained is incorrect. Nobody goes on air without training unless they are recording a podcast in their house or a video on their phone.”

DNG was reacting to a flurry of attacks directed to radio hosts in Kenya, who according to many, lack professionalism and proper knowledge to be on radio. The attacks come after Shaffie Weru, DJ Joe Mflame and Neville were fired at Homeboyz Radio following their insensitive comments on live radio.

“Operating the desk is technical and people must understand that. The on-air training in Commercial Radio Stations is, in fact, exceptional and way better than the shallow practicals in Kenya’s Schools of Journalism,” argued DNG.
“Allow me to ask, what is taught in a Journalism School? Many who have been tweeting and commenting possibly have no clue. What does it take to run a radio show? People think it is waking up in the morning and opening up one’s mouth and talking. It takes a lot of ideation, content development, prep, technique and of course talent.”
“Believe it or not, what is taught in a Journalism School is the absolute basic – and a whole lot of theory. Many graduates cannot deliver in front of a microphone and/or a camera. Many even struggle to edit an audio clip let alone recording themselves despite having a degree. Having a piece of paper to your name does not make you a skilled asset. Neither will it land you any job in today’s world. This myopic thinking is why our education system has failed millions of graduates with degrees!
The former presenter concluded his lengthy post but claiming the complaints are nothing close to the real story.
“This is just jealousy,” he said.
“Radio is about personality and of course passing the voice test – which is looked at differently from station to station. Many have been calling out comedians who have been hired prominently by most of the English, Swahili and Vernacular Stations in the past. If you have a degree and you fail the on-air personality test or the voice test, blame yourself and not comedians for getting the job you wanted.”

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