DK, Hopekid Attempt to Win Fans Back After Sexual Allegations Backfire

The Kenyan gospel industry is currently in a volatile state following two mega scandals that have exposed the filth buried underneath.

On Wednesday, a young campus student from Nakuru accused two gospel singers, DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid, of molesting and infecting her with Herpes after an arranged sexual escapade that involved alcohol and Bhang.

The young lady later tried committing suicide after approaching the two artists for help but got shooed off. She opened up about the incident to blogger Xtian Dela who blew the story on social media.

DK, who is married, and Hope Kid have been forced to apologize vehemently for their actions saying most gospel artists are guilty of such actions.

In their long confessions on social media, the born again artists confessed that they fell into devil’s traps and asked fans to forgive them.

Fans, however, were not buying their apology.

Many on social media stated that the two apologies were not genuine and were only offered because the two were busted.

Gospel singer Size 8, offered to defend the two by sharing a video on her social media explaining why they need to be forgiven, an act that completely backfired on her as fans hurled all kind of insults to her for “defending two criminals.”

Still on gospel controversies, singer Mr Seed, it has emerged, left Bahati’s record label EMB where he’d been signed for two years because Bahati’s wife , Diana Marua, called the police on his wife Nimo on New Year’s Eve during a show at Thika Stadium.

Initially, Mr Seed had claimed on Instagram he left the label to pursue a solo career. Singer Ringtone posted a video on social media revealing the two had to part ways because of the argument.

Later, Seed, whose wife is eight months pregnant, posted on Instagram saying Bahati’s family disrespected his wife.

“I respect her so much and if have never DISRESPECTED her no one can do that .. Advice: NEVER ALLOW ANYONE FRIENDS OR WHOEVER DISRESPECT YOUR WOMAN KWANZA WHEN SHES CARRYING YOUR BABY SO WRONG!! … @nimo_gachuiri” wrote Mr. Seed.

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