DJ Shiti Reveals How Churchill Saved Him From Unbearable Hospital Bills After Accident

Funny man DJ Shiti has revealed how Churchill Ndambuki came to his rescue after he was involved in a grisly road accident.

During an interview with ‘Iko Nini’ on Youtube, DJ Shiti revealed that the accident happened back when he was working for Churchill and trying to build his brand.

DJ SHITI - YouTube

He revealed that he was traveling with fellow comedian YY back to Nairobi for a show.

“After the 5th episode of Churchill, I went back to ushago. I was called back to Nairobi when I got into an accident. It is YY who was driving and when we reached Limuru it was misty and we couldn’t see clearly. I just found myself outside the car. The next thing I found myself in Nairobi Women’s Hospital,” the comedian said.

He revealed that Churchill saved him from the financial bill that came after.

“Churchill generously paid my hospital bill and that is why I don’t like it when I see people talk bad about him. He is a good man,” the comic said.

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His revelation comes at a significant time as Churchill has time and time again been accused of neglecting his comics in spite of amassing a fortune from their sets.

You can watch the full video HERE.

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