DJ Poizon Ivy Is Bridging Africa To The World, Here’s How

Award-winning international DJ, Poizon Ivy, is pulling some momentous moves in 2017. The Kenyan born, US-based superstar is Dallas Mavericks’ first female team DJ in franchise history and is the 2nd female DJ in NBA league history to accomplish that feat as of last year.

Ivy recently won an Emmy award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Arts for News Single Story’ featured by seasoned TV Journalist Heather Hay this past September.

From on-air to arenas, clubs and main stages, DJ Poizon Ivy is using her position to create some waves for African artists in the States. Her platform allows her to mingle with musicians and celebrities from all continents and she decided to make it count by creating music.

‘Body & Soul’ is the first single that DJ Poizon is putting out which feature Kenya’s songstress Victoria Kimani and Nigerian recording artist L.A.X. She says this is first of many jams to come where we shall see unthinkable collaborations be it from East, West, South of the world.

Speaking about this movement, she explained the concept she is working on, “The plan is to offer opportunities to both African and American or international artist to collabo. It’s been happening but the cases we have seen are one-off. I’m more trying to make it easier and more accessible. I’ve noticed there is a rise of very successful, well to do 1st generation Africans in entertainment, music and my goal is to tap into that and lead the movement of not forgetting where we are from”.

Poizon describes working with Victoria as a move that happened organically and they happened to be in the same location and decided to record the song. L.A.X management was delighted to be working with Ivy and hence the sparkle in the record.

We shall be documenting her journey as African music hits the global market pushed by people who understand its dynamics like Poizon Ivy.


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