DJ Joe Mflame and WDJ Buy Red Berry Academy

Celebrated DJs, Joe Mflame and Waithaka Michira, popularly known as WDJ, have acquired an institution to train upcoming disk jockeys.

The two took to social media to officially announce that they have bought Red Berry Academy and are planning to introduce a new curriculum.

The two veterans will take an active role in mentoring students as well as developing and implementing the new curriculum.

@wdjay and I have acquired @redberrydjacademy and will be taking on an active role in mentoring and development and implementation of a new curriculum,” he tweeted.

Red Berry DJ Academy trains new DJs to reach the highest levels within the Industry leading to real job opportunities by giving them a full understanding of how the industry works to help fast-track your way to the top.

“Stephen Covey says that life is not about accumulation but about contribution. Because your greatness is not what you have but what you give back. I’m excited to be a partner and director at the @redberrydjacademy as I give back to the next generation of Deejays. #MadeOfRed,” said the WDJ.

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