DJ Joe Mfalme Exonerated In DCI Officer’s Murder Case

DJ Joe Mfalme, known by his real name Joseph Mwenda Munoru, alongside five others, has been cleared as State witnesses in the murder case of police officer Felix Kelian Kitosi. The decision comes after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) determined that there is insufficient evidence to implicate them in the crime.

However, the DPP has directed that DJ Joe Mfalme’s hypeman, Allan Ochieng, also known as Hype Ballo, be charged with the murder of the DCI officer.

A prosecutor informed the Kibera Magistrate on Monday, stating, “After investigations, police have recommended that Allan Ochieng be prosecuted over the death of Kitosi.”

Subsequently, the police have closed a miscellaneous application file that involved DJ Joe Mfalme, his associates, and certain police officers who were under investigation for the murder.

The popular DJ was apprehended alongside police officers stationed at Kikuyu police station following an altercation that ensued after a minor car accident involving the DJ and the detective.

Reportedly, both the DJ and the detective were leaving a club when Kitosi’s vehicle collided with DJ Joe Mfalme’s car. It is alleged that occupants of DJ Joe Mfalme’s vehicle, along with police officers from the Kikuyu police station, assaulted the detective, resulting in severe injuries.

The detective was rushed to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries.

DJ Joe Mfalme and six others were held in custody for 14 days to allow the police to complete their investigations.

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