DJ Diplo Hits Studio With Sofiya Nzau After Mwaki Success

American DJ and record producer Diplo made waves in Kenya over the weekend with a sensational performance that left fans buzzing. Following his energetic show on Saturday, the Grammy-winning artist took to his Instagram stories video on how the ‘Kenyan nights’ concert at Carnivore Grounds went down on the 20th of January.

During Diplo’s performance Nzau got the privilege of joining him on stage and performed her killer hit ‘Mwaki’. Thereafter a glimpse into their studio session at Amp Studio in Nairobi was shared on Diplo’s Instagram on the 22nd of January. The duo could be seen passionately jamming to an undisclosed track, leaving fans eager for a taste of what’s to come.

“Mwaki,” Nzau’s breakout hit, has been making waves globally, showcasing the artist’s unique style and musical prowess. It became the first Kenyan single to reach 8 million Spotify plays and became viral on TikTok. A song perfectly capturing the spirit of world music fusion features South American sensation Zerb, renowned for his incredible EDM productions, alongside Sofiya Nzau, a representative of the Kikuyu ethnic group from central Kenya.

The song’s success has undoubtedly caught international artists’ attention in the global music scene. Diplo, known for his chart-topping collaborations with renowned artists such as Sia in the production of ‘Thunderclouds’ and Justin Bieber in the production of ‘Where Are You Now’, brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the table.