DJ Angelo In Kenya, Launches Reloop DJ Brand In The Market

Celebrated Berlin-based DJ Angelo is in Kenya. The DJ who’s in Kenya to launch Reloop DJ products is also looking to mentor both upcoming and established DJs. He officially opened the Reloop DJ Development Center at the 33 beats offices on Kiambu road on Friday, the 20th.

The Berlin-based DJ has been consistently termed as the greatest of all time, having been in the game for the last twenty years. He has toured over 170 countries and now he is in Kenya to leave his mark. The Reloop launch that had big names attend from the likes of DJ Andrian, DJ Tohnny Ok , Director Nepul Dhah of Sound creations, Mr.Lenny and Deejay Bash was a project aimed at supporting Kenyan DJs to find a market outside the borders of the nation.

“This is my first time in Africa, and I look forward to a fruitful visit where I will share as much as I know about the German DJ scene and also hope to learn about Kenyan and African music, culture and DJ industry. I hope to meet as many Kenyan DJs as possible to take notes from them and even carry Kenyan music with me when I go back home,” said DJ Angelo.

The superstar DJ Angelo who is the brand ambassador of Reloop was impressed by the level of talent in the Kenyan scene and expressed the need for it to be shared with the world. He found a special liking for Gengetone and equally pointed out that he loves the Kenyan people, finds the land and the women very beautiful.

Angelo is looking forward to working with Kenyan DJs as he will be mentoring young upcoming DJs in a workshop organized by 33 Beats deejays. He will also be making a club appearance at Club Encore, The Alchemist bar this coming weekend, be sure to catch the acclaimed greatest deejay in the world.